Here is my head rotation/lip-sync/expression change assignment. We had to take a pre-existing character, find a model sheet, and use that to animate our assignment. For those of you who do not recognize this character, its one of the baboons from the chase scene in Tarzan. I chose the character because I found a good model sheet and I knew he would work well in 3 dimensions, some people got stuck with more cartoony characters that were somewhere between 2d and 3d. Plus baboons are great.

I have the muybridge animal's in motion book and the baboon walk is unlike anything else, someday I will try my hand at that.
YouTube animated version of muybridge photographs:

Overall I'm happy with it. The head rotation part of the assignment was tedious but once that was done I had a bit more fun with the rest, and surprisingly the second part took me a lot less time.

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