Here is the fat cat walking. Wish I had more time to add a little extra performance to the beginning or end. I learned a hell of a lot about how animals walk with this one. I looked into other animals a bit and compared their walks to what I was doing with the cat and there are a lot of the same principles at work. Knowing how the skeleton works is really the key to making the walk feel right, even if you don't actually draw it in.

Note: The only pet I ever had as a kid was a fat cat and this one looks a fair bit like it.

Still Life

This was a still life assignment... I don't like painting still life but I'm so obsessive that once I start I go the whole nine yards.

Anthropomorphic Character Timeline

And now I'm really done with anthropomorphic-ness


The assignment was to paint a fictional planet of some sort using a warm to cool pallette.