Layout Test Collaboration

A little layout test I did with Gyimah Gariba (checkout his awesome blog here!)

Due to my hand problem I was helping others as a way of making up a mark for this assignment. We were just going to composite Gyimah's designs in After Effects but I got excited about finally being able to work on something and suggested I could make it 3D. So I pretty much kept myself busy modeling Gyimah's layout design in Maya then making some UV maps which I sent back to him. He coloured and textured all the UVs in photoshop. It mapped pretty well although I messed up the image resolution I sent him so its got an N64 feel to it :)

I made some lighting decisions that took the original colours in a new direction but it all worked out in the end with the greens and reds. Also got a little intro to some basic animation and played around with the Graph Editor.

All in all much was learned doing this little test. You always learn more when you take on something you are clueless about and research how to make it happen. When it comes to software, don't just stick to what you know how to do because then the software is controlling you rather than vice versa!

EDIT: Haha I reposted the video. Gyimah added a quick title sequence and music to the layout test and now it totally feels like a final boss from Zelda!