Das Auto

Went to the auto show for a life-drawing trip and drew me some autos. Strange to be in the middle of car culture and hearing people talk about cars. Structural drawing and perspective seems to be a fairly natural thing for me so it ended up being a lot more enjoyable than i thought. If I had more time to spend on this I'd probably extrapolate more caricatures from some of the sketches. Thats about it, don't particularly care for cars or having them other than for their convenience. The only car I've ever wanted was a Volkswagen van. Hopefully that will motivate me to get a license... eventually.
This one is an widened caricature of a Sunliner from the 60's. The original Sunliners are already wide as hell. Some straight forward technical sketches.


  1. the 2nd one looks like an old school magazine illustration o.o nice work~~!

  2. i didn't do that one lol. thats just a sample of what the car looks like...

  3. very nice sketches...i like the cedes