Dust and Smog

Yet another dry spell on the blog. Gotta start updating more often! Speaking of dry, I'm living in L.A. until the end of August on an internship. Things are going great, and I can't help but be inspired by the landscape and general dryness. I've always had a thing for deserts (whether they be of snow or sand)... but I've really gotta get out of the concrete and into some more immersive nature. I'm getting all sorts of story ideas that I may just have to take seriously. Something is definitely taking form in my brain.


  1. siiick!! so moody >.<! glad to hear u guys r all enjoying LA!! so jealous ;w;~~ buuut i'm heading down there in a month too for vaca ;DDD

  2. So many people seem to be coming for vacation! If you're free when you're in L.A. get in touch with us and the titmouse people and we can all go out, make a dinner or whatever.

    1. oo yeah?? :o James is comin too (its cuz we're going to anime expo XD;;; haha ) i'll ask Lisa when u guys get off work on weekdays, n we shuld deff all grab dinner once for sure ^-^!!